Bippit - at the birth of a startup

Bippit is an expanding start-up project and we were at its birth. How did we get to this opportunity and how is the development going? Let’s take a look in this article.

Satisfied client above all

We value our clients and we do maximum for their satisfaction. They reciprocate by providing great references across sectors. Samuel and Erich approached us based on these references. They wanted us to help with the development of their UK fintech start-up app. They also chose Nextap mainly for our experience with dynamic app development, which means that the process changes based on the needs of their users. Samuel and Erich visited us several times in the beginning of our collaboration and the development. “Working remotely is not unusual in IT and it has a lot of benefits. You simply connect with people from where you are, so it is easy to work in international teams with the best developers and create great things, but nothing replaces face to face contact which adds this little something to every cooperation,” says our CEO Viktor.

Fintech aplikace

Bippit is a UK fintech company providing professional financial advice and expert guidance from a financial advisor. With the Bippit application, which we developed, Bippit users can monitor their personal or company budget, set and fulfill their financial goals and get professional advice.

At the birth of a startup

At the very beginning, we designed and tested a design MVP prototype of the product. We created an initial prototype which was used for a thorough testing of the app’s concept. Since the start, we have been working with the British team and providing the development of the iOS app. The app follows the Redux pattern and is written in Swift with React approach

A clear financial picture

All of the bank accounts are available to the user at one place so they get the best picture of their financial health in their application. Thanks to the ability to create personalised budgets, it is easy to monitor one’s expenses across all of the accounts.The app also offers the option to connect with a financial professional and discuss the one’s financial situation, set up a goal or track one’s budget. We use anonymous mapping of user behavior on which we base future app updates and delivery of the most wanted features. The app is developed with regard to users’ requests to give them the best possible experience.


We launched a new web


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