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Enthusiasm for foosball prompts the development of a unique app Foosapp in Nextap

In July, the whole firm packed up and moved to Krkonoše for a week. Are you wondering why? Maybe for recreation, holidays...? Not at all! We took up a challenge to create a fun app for foosball enthusiasts and tournament professionals. We coded day and night to manage it in 7 days! Now we can proudly say we’ve made it!

24 hours a day, 7 days, 13 team members, 1 cottage

A team of 13 people technically skilled to cover the needs of the project worked on the app – backend, frontend, iOS and Android developers, graphic designers, marketers and a tester. We tried to bring a project to life from scratch.

A comprehensive solution in a short time

The goal of the devcamp wasn’t to devastate ourselves nor to go to Krkonoše for holidays. The whole team was supposed to try to cooperate while working towards a joint goal within a short timeframe, to communicate effectively, to plan ahead, and to enjoy the happiness from the final product. Today, it’s the short timeframe that is often among client’s demands. But we can now say we can do it!

Team building

The devcamp brought another benefit. It’s invaluable for Nextap that the whole firm worked full time together on one product. Everybody was focused on the one goal. The situation usually is that the developers in the team work on different projects or on more at once thus need to divide their attention. However, while developing Foosapp, everyone contributed to the common goal by working on tasks assigned to them within the one project. A straightaway discussion as well as problem solving were thus possible. We could also test the progress we’ve made right away. Slowly but surely all the puzzle pieces started to make one solid shape – a functioning app.

Supported by professionals

We introduced the intention to Petr Plasgura, a foosball pro, the owner of and the president of the Czech Foosball Union. Mr. Plasgura happily agreed to support our project.

Shoot and Tap!

During #nextapcamp2k18, how we started to call it, we published daily reports which closely follow the app development. Are you interested in how we fared during the week, what went well and what didn’t? Visit and find out in the blog section! Do you want to stay in the game with us? Subscribe to our newsletter and be among the first ones to try the app out. Experience your own Shoot and Tap!


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Sockets and their use in practice


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Nextap – startup environment brimming with ideas


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