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Nextap has started an exciting partnership

We have been approached by a London-based designer interested in starting a new project with us for a client from the movie industry who has worked with people such as Jamie Oliver. When he started talking about the general idea of the project, our attention had already been piqued. We were delighted that he decided to fly to Pardubice to discuss the details of our cooperation. One of the Nextap developers, Ondřej Synek, took charge of our visitor after he landed in Pardubice.

Nextap prefers personal approach

,,The client flew to Pardubice to meet the Nextap team. He was, therefore, able to see us precisely how we are, how we work, without any pretense. We also wanted to assure him that we have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully deliver the project.” Our cooperation was intended to be long-distance so meeting the team and the company personally became even more important.

Understanding client’s wishes is crucial

The purpose of the client's visit was to give a detailed overview of the project, discuss certain technical matters, and plan out development phases. ,,We talked about technologies we consider most suitable for the project so that we met all the client's requirements.” The client often does not know how much work lies behind even a simple-looking design, and how difficult it might be for the developers to implement it. Our goal is to understand the client's intent and find possible problems and difficulties which might slow down the actual development. We also discuss the time frame and budget.

Careful planning pays off

Usually, the client tries to lower the overall cost of the development which poses a challenge for the developers. They have to come up with a solution within the client's financial limits while keeping the quality standards high. ,,In Nextap, we stress the importance of writing tests because high-quality code and data safety matter to us.” However, thorough testing increases the costs, which the client needs to understand. ,,The worst that can happen is that the app crashes in the user's hands,” Ondřej Synek notes. When discussing the budget, it is important to divide the development into phases, make a schedule, and sort out priorities.

Work first, fun second

To make the relationship between the client and the company even more friendly and open, we all went to the restaurant to have dinner. ,,If you and the client get to know each other outside the workplace, you make a unique connection based on honesty, which brings invaluable benefits to both parties.” That's why here in Nextap, we prefer personal contact with clients which again and again proves to be the best way to build a successful business relationship.


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