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The first app for drone pilots

A few months ago, we published an article about starting a new project and all the things connected to it. Back then we could not say much about it but all is different now! The project has been delivered and now we can finally tell you all about it!

FAT Drone

At the beginning of everything, there was an original idea: to create a virtual place connecting drone pilots. The world of drones is still quite a new thing but the community has been growing steadily. There are already many licensed drone pilots in the U.S. Their photos and videos are massively used in the film industry as well as in the real estate business. Europe is yet to experience the drone boom. When this happens, we are ready to help with the FAT Drone app!

A community of pilots

FAT Drone is a specialized social site for drone pilots. Pilots can present their work on the site and get hired directly through their profile which also shows their rating. The app supports search by location – there is no way you won't know your neighbor pilots too! The primary purpose of the app is to advertise demand and supply. One of FAT Drone's ambitions is to connect drone pilots from all over the world. The app contains a forum which serves as a platform for discussion, opinion sharing, and solving problems. The FAT Drone blog will post tips and tricks and some useful information on training to pilots of all skills.

,,FAT Drone might be a very important site in this field. The timing was precise. Everybody knows what a drone is and this is the very first app for them” , says one of the app's makers.

An app for the whole world

We were approached by two keen drone pilots from the United Kingdom – Leo and Richard. Leo is a designer who created the app's identity and designed the site. We then handled the app's development, testing, and tuning. But even when the development is over and the app is running, we are still maintaining it and taking care of it. As it usually happens, when you become enthusiastic about something, there is nothing that can stop you. FAT Drone doesn't have an investor – the whole project is financed from the money the two founders made piloting drones. The whole project is fueled by trusting one’s idea and enthusiasm.


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Novelties in the frontend development


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Nextap has started an exciting partnership


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