Tomas’s Story - Student Developer

In Stories we introduce members of the Nextap team. Meet Tomas.

“I gained most of the knowledge in Nextap”

Tomas began working in Nextap as an intern during his studies at high school SPŠE in Pardubice. He started with smaller tasks and learned backend and later Android development under the supervision of Nextap founders. During that time he took a liking to Android. Little by little he started engaging in more and more intern projects. Now, after three years in Nextap, he leads them and also develops applications for US and UK clients.

“It is a great feeling to make my own app and release it.”

“I work as an Android developer in Nextap, however I cooperate with all team mates and therefore I participate in the development and realization of most Nextap projects. I’m satisfied when I can also use my knowledge of other programming languages so the work isn’t monotonous.”

He is 20 and helps develop a Fin-Tech app with hundreds of thousands monthly active users.

“Nextap cooperates with ClearScore, a leading Fin-Tech company in the UK, and I’m one of six developers of the ClearScore Android mobile app. It is great experience to participate in such a big project, work with professionals in their fields and communicate only in English. At the same time, I lead the development of an intern app called Park ‘n’ Go. It is a great feeling to make my own app and release it.”

“I want to be better!”

Tomas is the youngest in the Nextap team and he also studies IT at university. But school classes never give you as much as real life practice does. Tomas gets most of his experience and knowledge by working on projects and by communicating with the team. He happily shares his knowledge with others. IT makes him happy and he is driven by the desire to be better and better as his motto “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” shows.


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