A showcase of the new Nextap web

We launched a new web

Last year, our designers started to entertain the idea of redesigning our company’s website. Not long ago we came out with a new Corporate identity (CI) and Nextap logo redesign so web redesign was logically the next step on our To Do list.

New decade, new web

We are a group of software enthusiasts whose hearts beat for modern technologies. Our web is a showcase of our work, it represents the company and its team. We dedicated our time to creating a web that, as a whole, feels fresh, young, is intuitive and where information is easy to find. But first and foremost, we dedicated our time to creating a web that reflects the spirit of the company and the team.

Web represents us and our work

The company is made up by its people and the environment in which they work. Our web is about real people, about developers and designers, about our every day work. We don’t hide anything, quite the opposite, actually! We want to draw visitors to the site directly into our company. With this idea in mind we filmed a short video depicting our office life and shot a series of photos.

Get to know us

We also filled the new web with new content. We took our time preparing the copy so that it captures the spirit of Nextap, describes the company’s values and work processes, and at the same time, so that it contains relevant information about the work in which we specialize and which we provide to our clients.


The web redesign is based on a clearly defined CI. The CI contains a responsive logo, a font suited for use on websites, a color palette and filters for photos, which give the photos a unified look. After enriching it with additional elements corresponding with Nextap’s CI, our designers created a unified and balanced website.

Intuitive navigation

We also had a think about how to structure the new web better. We made the whole flow easier and focused on intuitive navigation patterns across all devices and resolutions. By opting for reusable components, we achieved consistency which helps users to browse the web and developers to cut time of development.


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An image of a frontend code

Novelties in the frontend development


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