Our process

In Nextap we try to keep living up to the vision defined with Nextap’s founding. It is a long-term effort to build a software agency focused on app development. Personal approach to our clients and their needs is our priority. The company has been built without any external funding; it relies on our clients' satisfaction and reinvestment of profits. Additionally, we work within the process of self-education and techcrowds on internal projects where there are no limits to self-realization.

Meeting with client

The goal of the first meeting with a client is to understand their business and their ideas concerning the product-to-be. We explain the company processes and suggest the optimal solution. Mutual understanding is essential to delivering the best results, so we first ensure that both sides are highly informed.


At the beginning of every project, we try to do our best to look at the project from all angles and identify the main points which might play a key role during the development. We stay in touch with the client and discuss the findings. Based on this we provide initial project outline through wireframes and suggest the optimal software solution.


We create attractive and thorough design which is also functional and simply timeless. Our designers work closely with the developers to make sure the result app is user friendly and intuitive.


We base the project plan on the previous analysis: We define goals, deadlines, allocate human resources and funds. When we finish a draft of the project, we discuss it with our client. Once we have client's approval, we proceed to design and development stages. We also configure servers, design api, and provide a web interface for product administration.


Testing is essential. We write our own software for automatic testing which is tailored to every app we work on. We also test the app’s ui and ux to make the experience as seamless as possible. Testing is process which follows the development from the beginning to the end. Once we are sure that everything works as it should we can with clear conscience hand the project off to the client.


The process is almost over, the big day is coming. In this final stage, we meet with the client, present the product, compare expectations with the result and tend to minor details. We also talk about product support, future progress and cooperation. If the product meets the client's wishes, all that remains is the realization in the client's office, shop or wherever it is needed.


We value our clients and we offer them full support even after the product is released and running in real business. That includes renewing hardware, updating software, and providing any potential troubleshooting.

Our work

Nextap develops native mobile and web apps for clients mostly from the USA and the UK. We create user-friendly products with functional yet attractive design tailored to our client’s needs. We keep our clients’ projects ahead of the game!


About us

We are a group of software enthusiasts whose passion is modern technologies. We love to create and look for the best possible solutions. We value our clients and always do our best to find the best solution for them. Details and high quality of our work matter to us and we put everything into our clients’ projects. Our work fulfils us, we love what we do and we do it to the best of our abilities.

About us
About us


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