We are well versed in modern technologies. Our team consists of people who are professionals in their field. We also collaborate with contractors and offer job opportunities to IT students. The joy we take in our work is what connects us.


Viktor Šmídl


Viktor is the boss. He loves his job and has a head full of ideas. A perfectionist to the core who accepts nothing less than perfection. He leads with a firm hand, but at the same time is up for every mischief.
Martin Kendík


Martin is Viktor's right hand man. He's the good cop, making sure that things (and people) in the office work as they should. He's in charge of administration, HR, and also leads some projects.
Ondřej Synek


oSynek is our GoldenBoi. Nextap is a matter close to his heart. This guy from the North of the country seems to understand everything and can tackle almost any tech task. You will rarely see him frowning, being the happy guy he is.
David Matura

Lead Developer

David is a beast – not only when working out at the gym, but also when working on our iOS projects. He's so good at it that.
Tomáš Křičenský

Lead Developer

Android is what makes Happy Tom happy. Despite being a student, he has gained enough experience to train interns and be a lead to himself. To make task tracking more fun, he wrote an app called Happy To-Dos.
David Půhoný

Lead Designer

David is the design soul of Nextap. He is a laid-back guy with his own style, but when it comes to design, he likes order and impeccability. He relishes discussing new ideas which he never seems to be short of.
Radek Petrovický


Pedro is a backend guy to his fingertips. He is no soft touch, but a tough native of Chlumec who likes cars, bikes and his trumpet. He doesn't fiddle about and his wisecracks and code are legendary!
Radek Novák


Radek is an iOS dev in charge of automatization. To boost his productivity, Radek is aided by two horsies, which you can find anywhere in the office. He likes beer and pizza, so he regularly attends various meet-ups.
Karolína Kučerová


Kája is our walking Macmillan Dictionary. She has a good head on her shoulders. Kája studies English in Brno, but since nothing really happens in Brno, at Nextap she does graphic design, translates texts and wins foosball tournaments.
Bára Šmídlová

Marketing Specialist

Bára is in charge of marketing. She ensures that the world knows what's going on at Nextap. You can find her running around the office, interviewing people and taking pictures. She also makes sure we don't run low on food supplies.

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